Hidden Creek HOA

Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Application and Design Review Procedures
Prior to commencing any exterior property improvements which must be reviewed and approved, an Architectural Change Application Form must be submitted to the Architectural Review Board (ARB) or Board of Directors for review. Click here to access the application form. 
The application form must include the following items:
  1. 4 signatures of closest homeowners to your property who can see the change. Signatures are mandatory. 
  2. Detailed description of the proposed improvement(s).
  3. Specification of improvements (materials, colors, measurements, visual sample, drawings). 
  4. Plat/Survey Map of property. 
Purpose of Design Guidelines

The Hidden Creek HOA Design Guidelines are provided to assist homeowners in understanding how to submit an application for an architectural change. The document is based on the Hidden Creek Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Community Constitution, Covenants and Governing Documents. Questions regarding the guidelines can be addressed to the community property manager. Click here to access the Hidden Creek HOA Design Guidelines.