Hidden Creek HOA

Fitness Room

Fitness Room Location & Hours

The Fitness Room is located inside the Hidden Creek Community Center. Residents must use the side entrance door of the building to access the Fitness Room. The Fitness Room is open to residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents must use their assigned Key Fobs to enter the building. 
Fitness Room Rules/COVID-19 Restrictions

1. No youth under the age of 16 may enter or use the Fitness Room. 
2. All users must use their Key Fob to enter the Fitness Room. 
3. All users must wipe the fitness equipment before and after each use. 
4. All users must rerack all equipment after each use. 
5. All users must sign a waiver each time they use the fitness room. (Due to COVID-19) 
6. No Guests Allowed. (Due to COVID-19) 
7. (4) Four users at a time maximum occupancy to allow for social distancing. (Due to COVID-19) 
8. Face Masks must be worn at all times while using the fitness room. (Due to COVID-19)
Need a Key Fob? Please contact the management office to schedule an appointment
Homeowners: There is no cost to be issued a Key Fob (not including replacements). 
Renters: Renters must pay $25.00 per person to be issued a Key FOB. 
(Lost Key Fobs will cost $25.00 to replace. Payable by Check or Money Order to Hidden Creek HOA)                                          
*Residents must show photo ID and/or proof of residency to be issued a Key FOB.