Hidden Creek HOA

Selling Your Home

The Maryland Homeowner's Association Act, enacted in 1987, requires a seller of a property located in a homeowners' association to provide the buyer with certain information about the association. This assures that the buyer is aware of the fees, rules and regulations, and other important information about the association.
Need a Resale Disclosure Package and/or Lender Mortgage (Refinance) Questionnaire?
You may obtain a Resale Disclosure Package and/or Lender Mortgage (Refinance) Questionnaire by contacting Community Archives at (1-800) 995-0682. You may also visit the Community Archives website at http://v2.communityarchives.com/login.aspx?ServiceProviderId=39. First time users will need to create an account.
Please reference Hidden Creek Homeowners Association and/or Hidden Creek Condominium Association (if you own a condo).